Tampered Motorsport Budget Enduro


What’s it about?  The purpose of the Budget Enduro is to have family fun on wheels in a safer environment than the road. It has been designed to a price-point where it is easily affordable. The event is available to all members of the public from the age of 14. Road registered cars can be used and are welcome. Come on, you can get your wife & kids involved and help them develop the right attitude to recreational motoring in this family oriented event.

Introduction of Tampered Motorsport Budget Enduro

The Entry Fee is $1500 per Vehicle for each event and a Team will consist of between strictly four and six drivers per Vehicle. Teams are required to field at least four drivers for each event.

Anybody who takes this Event too seriously should not consider entering the Event (there are plenty of more serious racing events if you have that attitude).  This event is like a long distance-regularity and not an out-and-out race. With this parameter, Drivers will only need a RACERS Clubman Licence to compete at these events.  It is expected that this event will provide an activity for multiple generations in a family and a “Race With Your Mates” team building exercise for groups from a Participants place of work or clubs. 

The challenge for each team is to get as far as they can, as soon as they can; for as little as they can, all against a minimum lap time of 93 seconds.  The event will run as 6 x 1 hour sessions with a 20 minute break in between.  This break allows you to re-fuel safely, change drivers, and perform any maintenance on the vehicle.

Vehicle Eligibility: 

Vehicles must be based on mass-produced, four-wheeled vehicles that were legal for Registration in Australia at the time of their manufacture. Vehicles must meet the minimum requirements displayed in the RACERS manual. Open top cars must have race-worthy roll over protection. Each vehicle entry will up to the discretion of the event organisers.  This is to ensure the spirit of the event is maintained.

Total Investment 

We would suggest that a maximum of $4000 should be spent on the vehicle. This is a cheap car challenge and any vehicle purchases and parts purchases should be made with that in mind. This is a guideline, and the event organisers will consider all vehicles in the spirit of the event.

Safety Equipment 

All equipment and Apparel must meet the relevant SFI specifications.

Driver Apparel

Driver’s must have long sleeved clothing to be able to compete as well as enclosed shoes and a helmet – this is the minimum requirement for this event.

Drivers Radio

It is a requirement that every driver on the circuit has a working Race Radio. This is required for safety and traffic management so Race control can advise the driver of incidents and penalties.  Drivers Radios are available for purchase or hire from Tampered Motorsport. The frequency for the event will be 450.1125.

Noise Limit. 

At Sandown Rceway the noise limit for a Vehicle is 75dB at 30 metres. Sandown management will be actively monitoring this, if you are recorded as breaching this; then you will be called in and required to modify your vehicle to meet this requirement before re-joining the event.  If a second breach is recorded than you will be disqualified from the event.


Only one set of tyres per Event is permitted without a penalty. Tyres must be roadworthy i.e. have at least 1.5mm tread depth all across the face of the tyre and be free from any significant cuts in the sidewalls.  Tyres must be Street legal. Type R street legal track type tyres are not permitted.


Mag Wheels are permitted. The Diameter must be no more than 2″ above the standard wheel diameter. The wheels must not protrude out past the bodywork.

How the Event is run:

07:00 Gates open and pit setup can begin. No engines to start until 9am.

09:00 pit exit will open for session 1

10:00 Red Flags will be shown at all points to end Session 1

10:20 pit exit will open for session 2

11:20  Red Flags will be shown at all points to end Session 2

11:40 pit exit will open for session 3

12:40 Red Flags will be shown at all points to end Session 3

13:20 pit exit will open for session 4

14:20 Red Flags will be shown at all points to end Session 4

14:40 pit exit will open for session 5

15:40 Red Flags will be shown at all points to end Session 5

16:00 pit exit will open for session 6

17:00 Red Flags will be shown at all points to end Session 6

5.3 Awards

Trophies will be awarded and yet to be confirmed.

 Trophies are decided by recommendations of the officials (so look after your officials!) Some examples of what could be awarded with are as follows: 

Note that there are no winners’ trophies as such. This is a regularity endurance test.

Minimum Driving Age Requirements

The Minimum age is 14 at the date of the race. Clubman licenses are available for purchase for an annual fee of $75 or a single event only licence is available for $30. See www.racers.world for more details.

Driver Duties

TEAMS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE 4 DRIVERS, and a maximum of 6 Drivers.  Once the event has started you cannot change drivers or add additional drivers.  Each driver will be given an armband and required to show this when exiting pitlane.

Every driver must spend at most 60 minutes at the wheel during each session. You may change drivers during the session, but there will be no refuelling or “pit stops”  If your vehicle requires mechanical repairs this can be done but there is to be no refuelling during a session. Refuelling can only take place during a session break.

Conduct during Session Breaks

When the session finishes on displaying the red flag/light, you will pull immediately into the Pits and return to your area.  You have 20 minutes before the start of the next session.  This allows for safe refuelling, maintenance on the vehicle and driver change. No work is to take place whilst you are refuelling the vehicle.

The new Driver will receive a code word over the Race Radio from Race Control and must relay this to the Marshall to gain entry to the circuit.

Mechanical Work

There is no maximum number of crew members permitted to attend to a vehicle.

If repairs or adjustments are required underneath the car, jack stands must be in place before any team member puts any part of their body under the Vehicle.

Pit crew must also wear enclosed shoes and long sleeve clothing.


All refuelling of the vehicle must be carried out during the session breaks, NO REFUELLING WHILST VEHICLES ARE ON THE TRACK!   If you have a garage bay you may not refuel inside the garage, this must take place outside.  You are required to provide your own fire marshal while refuelling, this person must dressed in the same attire as a driver, preferably with a balaclava or full faced helmet, and gloved.  They must be holding a 4.5kg dry powder extinguisher at minimum.

The vehicle must be stationary at all times during refuelling.

No servicing of the car may take place until refuelling has been completed.

Pit area Speed Limit

The maximum speed in the pit area is 10 km/h

Minimum Lap Time

There is not much point building a car that can go around Sandown in much less than 95 seconds as we will give time penalties and delete your lap.  That means and that 94.9999999999 second lap or faster, no grey area here. Your penalty will be dependant on the size of the breakout, and how many times you break out.


Penalties will be applied to teams at the discretion of Race Control and the officials. The more you do wrong, the bigger the penalties! (They might even throw in some out of the box penalties). Driver Conduct All Drivers need to remember that this event is designed for families, and as such there will be newer and inexperienced drivers on track. Give room for other Drivers and allow them to drive at their own pace. Any Drivers found to be “bullying” whilst on the track will find themselves with a penalty, and have to explain it to their team!



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