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With our July events completely booking out, we can now open our entries for August, Sunday 16th and Saturday 22nd.  We expect these to book out quite quickly, once again our numbers will be reduced so we have booked a second day to make sure nobody misses out.  

You Can Enter either event here: 


Now for the details of the day. Entry price will be $230 for pre-entries per day, We will not be accepting any payments on the day, all paperwork and licences need to be completed before the event.

Our online system allows you to sign the waiver online with a mouse or touchscreen.  Or if you sign up using a smart phone or tablet you can sign on the screen of your device.  

Once you confirmed your email address you will be taken to the payment page.

So now, the details for this Track Day

Also you can go for a ride in the cars but you must sign on with a Passenger indemnity first. The cost for passengers is $25. You can just pay this when you sign the forms at the admin check in.  We cannot guarantee that we will be allowing passengers at this stage so standby for more information on that.  WE CURRENTLY DO NOT KNOW HOW WE WILL BE RUNNING PASSENGERS, THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WILL BE ASSESSED AS THE EVENT GETS CLOSER

Please remember to enter your Lap Time for Groupings in the following format – example 1:35.2  if you don’t have a lap time recorded put NA in that box.

Long sleeve and long pants of non flammable materials i.e. No Nylon
RACERS Day licenses OR annual Licence from 
Closed footwear
Helmet that complies to Australian Standards (has ASA or Snell Sticker)
Car needs to be in a good condition, no oil leaks, no loose items in the car and battery secure.
Good condition tyres
Working seatbelt (give it a pull and make sure it locks)

See you all at the track 🙂